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Welcome to Hiromi Yanagisawa Laboratory at TARA!

Cells constantly receive cues from extracellular environment and respond by changing cytoskeletal organization and cellular functions as well as initiating transcriptional program, thereby maintaining homeostasis. The extracellular environment is comprised of extracellular matrix (ECM), ECM degrading enzymes and cleaved products, growth factors/cytokines, and physical factors such as hypoxia, hyperoxia, and mechanical forces. Our laboratory aims to elucidate the tissue-specific and disease-specific extracellular environment, focusing on ECM in the blood vessel wall, to understand the interactions between cells and the environment and how those interactions impact cellular functions and behavior. We apply the obtained knowledge to understand the normal developmental process and mechanism of diseases and to develop new therapeutic strategies. We take biochemical, molecular, and genetic engineering approaches to achieve these goals.

Based on my own experience as a trainee and PI in the U.S. research institution for more than 20 years, I run our laboratory to train the independent researcher with 4Cs (Challenging, Creative, Consistent, and Collegial). He/she will be the one who can find the most exciting question and come up with a strategy to find the answer.

Just come and see our laboratory. You are always welcome!


New photos uploaded

May 16th, 2018|Comments Off on New photos uploaded

Some of the lab members played softball and soft volleyball on the Sports Days of the University of Tsukuba, which were May 12 and 13. They won the soft volleyball tournament for the stuff and graduate students category. The photos from the event have been uploaded to the photo page.

New paper published

May 10th, 2018|Comments Off on New paper published

Our new paper has just been published in Matrix Biology.
Please find the link below for the paper.

Matrix Biology – “Fibulin-7, a heparin binding matricellular protein, promotes renal tubular calcification in mice,” J. Tsunezumi, H. Sugiura, L. Oinam, A. Ali, B. Q. Thang, A. Sada, Y. Yamashiro, M. Kuro-O, and H. Yanagisawa

We have added 2 papers including the one above to the page of list of publication.

Information on HBP Briefing Session

April 27th, 2018|Comments Off on Information on HBP Briefing Session

Human Biology Program will host a briefing session to give the program publicity and call for applications.

Date and time: May 30th, 17:00~18:00
Place: Room 107, Laboratory of Advance Research Bldg. A [Map] …[Read more]

We are recruiting undergraduates seeking for a senior thesis project and graduate students (including rotation students). Our lab is open for a lab visit.
Student Recruitment