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New photos uploaded

University of Tsukuba held Summer Research Program 2016 from 7/25 to 8/5, and one of the participants, Stephen West, from Edinburgh University  joined our lab. He received Young Scientist Award at the end of the program. We have added the photos with him in the photo page (7/25 Pipet tip filling competition & drinking party, 8/5 Award Ceremony & Farewell Party in Summer Research Program 2016).

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Activity Log

Hiromi gave presentations in the following meetings in July.

  • 7/15 The 48th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japan Atherosclerosis Society (7/14-15, Tokyo)
  • 7/21 FASEB Summer Research Conferences – Matricellular Proteins in Development, Health, and Disease (7/17-22, West Palm Beach, Florida)
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