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New photos uploaded

Some of the lab members played softball and soft volleyball on the Sports Days of the University of Tsukuba, which were May 12 and 13. They won the soft volleyball tournament for the stuff and graduate students category. The photos from the event have been uploaded to the photo page.

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New paper published

Our new paper has just been published in Matrix Biology.
Please find the link below for the paper.

Matrix Biology – “Fibulin-7, a heparin binding matricellular protein, promotes renal tubular calcification in mice,” J. Tsunezumi, H. Sugiura, L. Oinam, A. Ali, B. Q. Thang, A. Sada, Y. Yamashiro, M. Kuro-O, and H. Yanagisawa

We have added 2 papers including the one above to the page of list of publication.

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