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Award received

Congratulations to Kaori! She received the International Travel Award from the Japanese Society for Matrix Biology and Medicine!

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Announcement of TARA seminar

A TARA seminar will be held on July 25th as follows.

When: 10:30-12:00 on Wednesday, July 25th, 2018
Venue: Seminar room, 2F, Bldg. A, TARA Center [Map
Speaker: Cagla Eroglu, Ph.D., Associate professor
 (Department of Cell Biology, Duke University School of Medicine, USA)
Subject: “How do glia sculpt synaptic circuits?” [Read more…]

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List of publications updated

We have added a new paper published in Cardiovascular Research to the list of publications. Please find the link below for the paper.

Cardiovascular Research –  “Decreased mitochondrial respiration in aneurysmal aortas of Fibulin-4 mutant mice is linked to PGC1A regulation,” I. van der Pluijm, J. Burger, P. M. van Heijningen, A. IJpma, N. van Vliet, C. Milanese, K. Schoonderwoerd, W. Sluiter, L. J. Ringuette, D. H. W. Dekkers, I. Que, E. L. Kaijzel, L. te Riet, E. MacFarlane, D. Das, R. van der Linden, M. Vermeij, J. A. Demmers, P. G. Mastroberardino, E. C. Davis, H. Yanagisawa, H. Dietz, R. Kanaar, and J. Essers

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Activities and new photos

Kaori attended RamanFest 2018 in Tokyo on Jun. 25th and 26th, and received the first prize for her poster presentation.

Hiromi, Yoshito and Kaori attended the 50th annual meeting of the Japanese Society for Matrix Biology and Medicine in Fukuoka on Jun. 29th and 30th. They participated in the workshop (Hiromi), oral presentation in “Tissue Remodeling” session (Yoshito), and poster session (Kaori). Congrats to Kaori for her YIA award! [Read more…]

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