MEXT scholarship opportunity through University recommendation★NEW

The University of Tsukuba and MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) offer a full-scholarship with stipend for selected international students who wish to obtain PhD. in Medical Science from the Program in Biomedical Sciences/Clinical Sciences (, Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences beginning in October, 2020.

We are seeking highly motivated and talented medical or graduate students with a background in life sciences who have the ambition to become “trans-border” researchers and medical care specialists. Enrollment begins July, 2019 and the entrance examination will be held late August, 2019. The application detail will be available online July, 2019.

Please contact us using the contact form or mail to hky.tara@gmail.comif you are interested in conducting the doctorate work in our laboratory.

MEXT scholarship through Japanese embassies or consulates general recommendation

Students can submit the scholarship application through Japanese embassies or consulate general in their home countries. When students pass the preliminary examination and would like to conduct research in our laboratory, either for a Master thesis or Doctorate thesis, please contact us using the contact form or email to

More information about Japanese Government Scholarship can be found at


Student Recruitment

We are recruiting energetic and motivated undergraduate/graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from various disciplines, including but not limited to biology, medicine, pharmacology and biomedical engineering. Our laboratory belongs to the University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences (Master’s Program in Medical Sciences, 4-year doctoral program in Medical Sciences), Ph.D. Program in Human Biology (HBP), and Ph.D. Program in Humaics. Please refer to the following sites for the admission policy and information.  We also accept summer interns.

University of Tsukuba
University of Tsukuba – Graduate Admissions

Undergraduate Students
School of Medicine and Medical Science

Master’s Program
Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences
Degree Program in Comprehensive Human Sciences
Medical Sciences

Doctor’s Program
Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences
Degree Program in Comprehensive Human Sciences
Medical Sciences

Ph.D. Program in Human Biology

Summer Research Program
Summer Research Program:


Apply now! – Ph.D. program in Humanics ★NEW

The University of Tsukuba launches a new program, “Ph.D. program in Humanics,” in April 2019. “Humanics” is a discipline that sheds light on the fundamental principles of physiology and pathology of the human, generating new science and technology to achieve a healthy and comfortable life of human beings in the society. The Ph.D. Program in Humanics cultivates leaders with doctoral-level knowledge and skills in the fields of both biomedical sciences and physical sciences/engineering/informatics, as well as the capacity to integrate two or more research fields and to apply them in human society. Please find the details at the official web pages below.

>> Ph.D. Program in Humanics, University of Tsukuba
>> Ph.D. Program in Humanics on Facebook


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